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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Move and Unpacking

Just a quick note to let you know I'm more or less settled in the new apartment.  Fresh paint, new carpet and new kitchen countertops makes everything feel fresh. 

I brought almost all of the furniture from the little house.  It fits perfectly.  The uncomfortable couch/great sleeper is at the far end of the room and the buffet with TV atop is at other end.  My swivel rocker is in the middle so I'm close to the TV for my poor eyesight and yet can flip the other way to make conversation with visitors on the couch. 

The dining table has enough room for the insert to be used full time saving me from finding a space to store the insert.  Being alone I never eat at the table but the little girls do when they come to visit.  They also do their coloring there. 

The kitchen while not large, is roomier than I've had in several homes.  Since I don't really cook meals anymore I hate to waste real estate on a kitchen but the layout is nice and I'm glad for the size. 

The bedroom has two nice walk-in closets but there is no linen closet or cabinet in the bathroom.  Seems strange.  The second walk-in closet is used for the girls toys and a storage shelf for odds and ends.  I'm looking at over the commode storage units and other ideas, but I'm missing my last large hall closet. 

I don't have to tell you how hard, physically, the move has been.  Saturday and Sunday I took multiple naps. Monday I pushed through but Tuesday my diabetes had had enough.  Some days I literally can't move or think from the diabetes.  Sometimes one, sometimes both.  Sometimes my numbers are out of whack but other times I just have to admit that the diabetes is driving this body, and when it wants to rest I just have to wait for things to get right again. 

I'm better today so I made a run to the old house and picked up my ferns and bird feeders and some other objects my daughter picked up around the house for me.  Whew. 

The windows at the front of my apartment look out over the boulevard and I have a wonderful wooded view.  It is especially nice to watch the setting sun through the trees.  I'll share some pictures soon.

The people here are really nice.  This is a 55+ community.  At first, I thought everyone looked so old but then I passed a mirror.  I think I'm going to be happy here.  At least I'm planning on this being my last move. 

More later...

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

On the Road Again

I'm on the move again.  I am moving and my daughter and her girlfriend are keeping the house.  Long story short, I volunteered to let them have the house. 

I am moving not far and into a 55+ apartment complex.  I wanted to stay in the area which is very costly and I did not want to be in a complex with children or in a house that might be sold causing me to have to move again. 

I have boxed everything - yet again - and have hired a moving company.  The new apartment is on the second floor and no elevator.  I think having stairs is good because it keeps my knees exercised.  I wouldn't have minded an elevator for the days I preferred a ride but the building is not set up for that. 

I'm hoping that this will be my last move for quite a while.  Have junk will travel.  LOL. 

I'll post pictures and an update after I move this weekend. 

More later.  

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Insulin Changes

When I went to the doctor last week she changed my insulins all around and increased my dosages.  I take a long-acting insulin shot in the morning and a short-acting shot with each meal.  The short-acting which is the Novolin-R is an old-school insulin (which is cheaper) lasts longer in your system than say the new Lantus insulin (which I can no longer afford) that doesn't hang in as long. 

What that means is that long-lasting is in your system slowly releasing all day.  The slow-acting old school insulin is just for that meal but it lasts around 6 hours unlike the Lantus which dissipates more quickly.  So if I snack less than 2 hours before my next meal my reading (finger prick) at meal time will be a false high from the sugar residue that is still being handled by the prior shot.  In that case, my sugar will drop in the middle of the next two meals.  That drop, to me, feels worse than a sugar high. 

Now I know what to say when kids ask why they need higher Math skills.  Because you might be diabetic someday and need to know how to calculate your insulin dosage. Or. on the other hand, you may be an astronaut and need to navigate a space craft.  Both of them take similar mathematical skills!     

I find it very interesting that with the increased insulin I don't have the sugar cravings I almost always have.  In fact, it is kind of like getting a new eyeglass prescription.  You put your new glasses and think "gee, is this what everyone else sees like."  So I'm over here thinking, "damn is that what life is like for non-diabetics?   No sugar cravings? Interesting. 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Lots of Little Stuff

We had a little bit of the cold weather down here for a couple of days.  I got my light jacket out, then used a sweater and by the end of the week, I was down to short sleeves.  It came back last night and we're seeing 40s but aside from a trip to pick up Rx, I've been snug in the house.  I don't know how you Yankees do it. 

We think my daughter's dachshund had a mini-stroke.  She is usually in my room when the daughter is gone but this particular Saturday she kept whining and wouldn't get off the couch.  She often whines when my daughter is out and about on the weekend so I didn't pay to much attention to either.  Then later that night she was walking in circles.  We finally determined she was now blind in one eye and maybe have lost all or part of hearing on the same side.  Daughter took her to the vet right away and he thought it was either the mini-stroke or some disease I'd never heard of.  No new symptoms this week and she goes back to the vet tomorrow.

Had my checkup with the endocrinologist yesterday and she tore into me.  Blood pressure too low, sugar too high.  Apparently, the only thing I had done right was to bring in the report with my blood sugar readings.  She was pretty disgusted with me - and then so was I.  I felt like an alcoholic who was being told if they didn't get it together they were going to die.  Same song, different disease.  I'm going to do better because I don't want a slow death.

I did not watch the State of the Union or the Super Bowl since I only watched for the commercials.  I tried not to read any of the articles on the State of the Union.  I knew I would not believe anything he said and I just tried not to get upset about it. 

I'm going to have to break down and read what's happening and what the fool said but right now I'm binge-watching The Wire.  I remember hearing what a good show it was but just wasn't interested in Baltimore drug wars as entertainment.  Since the grandson still wants to be a cop, I thought I'd give it a chance and I kind of got hooked.  The acting, the script, the cameras are all very good.  I wouldn't recommend the Amazon series to anyone because of the depressing subject but it ran for 5 seasons so I guess there were some other people that watched.

I don't have anything special to share.  I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading or writing,  Life is boringly good and that's a good thing. 

More later .....

Friday, January 25, 2019

Google Chrome

FYI.  I just read an article that said Google Chrome is rolling out new updates.  One of those updates will disable the Ad Blocker extensions.  I don't see many pop-up ads on my computer so I assume I have loaded an ad blocker extension. 

I have no doubt that sometime before the end of my time, the internet will be as bad as local tv channels.  Full of ads that we are forced to watch or leave the room. Will the internet also use the little trick of turning up the volume on pop-up ads.  That really drives me crazy and I try to remember which programs or channels (I watch Roku so I get all kinds of strange little channels) that use this irritating trick. 

If anybody wants to pick up the thread on their blog and explain what extensions are and how to find them, I'm sure there will be some folks that would like to know. 

More later .....

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Follow Up Drs. Appointment

I forgot to tell you a funny story from my doctor's visit last week.  I went to the gastro for my follow-up after the colonoscopy.  Five polyps, all benign. (I know.  That's a lot, right?) 

Anyway, I was sitting in the exam room and the nurse had done all her note taking on the laptop.  Finally, the doctor came in.  She looked at me, said hello and looked at the computer.  She turned back to me, looked at me for a second and then said: "you don't look 78".  No, I said, I'm 68 (my February birthday being foremost in my mind).  She asked me my name.  I told her.  She clicked some buttons and then said: "you had a colonoscopy on ...".  Yes.  She told me all were benign and to "come back in 5, no 1 year" and then showed me out.

Yeah, right.  Like I'm going to forget the ordeal of emptying my body in a year's time.  I'm sure it's going to be closer to 5 but we'll see. 

Had to wonder if the nurse put my slightly high blood pressure on a 78 year old patient's chart instead of mine.  LOL. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I was reading a discussion on a British blog I follow with various opinions on the Brexit problem.

Around 52% of the voters voted to leave the EU.  I'm sure you know they are having all kinds of debates on how to get out without paying $39 Billion Pounds to the EU.  The Prime Minister can't seem to make anybody happy and the Parliament seems to be at odds with each other.

The unrest is so similar to our situation.  The vote for our current President was so closely split with Clinton winning the popular vote by about 52% and Trump winning the electoral college.  Now we have the Republican Senate and Democratic run House.  Will they be able to get anything done bipartisan?  I can only hope.

I also read a post on Facebook this morning with pictures of walls, past, and present, dividing so many countries around the World.  It just seems so strange to me that so many people want to wall themselves in to keep away the poor, desperate and unwanted citizens of dying societies.

I don't know the answer for the Brits or us, however, it seems like a world-wide problem we should all work together to figure out.

But what do I know?  Maybe it is just the way history keeps repeating itself.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Snapfish photo offer

I use two companies when I get my photos printed or make photo albums.  One is Snapfish.com and the other is Shutterfly.com. I got a notice that Snapfish is offering 100 free prints a month (you will have to pay postage) if you load the app to your phone. 

My son and daughter - and myself until I got my new camera for Christmas - take all of our photos on our phones.  My phone takes great pictures and is always with me when I see something or someone I want to snap. 

The problem with photos on your phone is that you cannot share them when the family is sitting around - although my youngest Grand Girl will get on my phone and look through my album.  But this is more a climb in your lap and let's talk about who, when, where and what that she likes.  So while the cell is convenient, I prefer seeing a larger picture (with my poor eyesight). 

I also save all the pictures my daughter and son post on facebook to my photo gallery and then to one of the above photo websites.  In the past, I have printed pictures when they ran a special of a penny a piece.  Now I am going to try the app and see if I take 100 a month.  I might not take that many but it will be interesting to see. 

My family loves the photo albums I give them at holidays and after special events.  They are affordable on sale and are a reminder of the great memories we shared, 

Just FYI, in case anyone is interested. 

P.S. to Marie at Island Musings, our photojournalist - I hope you are keeping a good record of all your posts and photos for the grandkids, as well as the historical society of your area.  

Thursday, January 10, 2019

First Visit

Just a quick catch up.  I spent Wednesday and part of today at the Son's house.  Life with the Girl was much easier at their house and I enjoyed my day (Wednesday) with the girls. 

I had been feeling poorly for a couple of days prior to making the trip to Son's house. My sugar was going up and down and once again I couldn't quite figure it out.   I had gotten my flu shot last week.  I had a flu-type reaction once in the past but thought I was doing fine this time.  I made the trip thinking I would muscle my way through any poor feelings but alas it didn't work like that. 

I ended up going to bed at 6:30 pm on Wednesday.  Not because the girls wore me out, but because I had been falling asleep in my chair several days over the last week.  Then I had a sugar drop in the night and a high reading when I got up.  To make it worse I forgot my meter to test my sugar levels so couldn't tell what my high and low numbers were and adjust my insulin accordingly.  In other words, I made it worse on myself and had to go home to test my blood and get it organized.  Luckily the Grandson was there and didn't have to work so he covered for me.   

So, as I said, it went much better than expected.  The Girls behaved so much better and willingly did homework and cleaned their rooms without my asking twice.  They were a little noisy at times but nothing like at my house.  I believe a lot of this had to do with the amount of room they had to move around in their house without being in each other's face.  The young one still talked too much and the older was a little bossy but otherwise, I felt like my sweet girls were back. 

The Son was so glad to see me and I think he had a lot of talking he wanted to do.  His office is continuing to expand and asking him to take on more responsibility.  He thinks they don't understand a father being a single parent.  We didn't get a chance to talk about everything but will get to more of that next week. 

So all in all, I am feeling so much better about their little family.  I'm sure I'll be dropping you more updates but for now, things are good. 

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Mary Poppins to the rescue

I am feeling very optimistic about my confession of yesterday. There are several areas of the problem I can relate to in my own life. 

Like my son, I was the single working parent of 2, so yes, I know how incredibly hard it is.  Also, like the oldest Grand Girl, I was the introvert and my middle sister was the talker.  I would take a book and run and hide from her.  My sister and I laughed about that this weekend.  My sister also shared that in the classes Directors of Day Care Centers are required to take she learned a lot about children (and adults) who need to talk and children (and adults) who just don't want to hear it. 

We also talked about these generations of children after us who were not able to go outside and play.  I worry because children now have no place to be loud and boisterous and just plain unruly without their every sound and action being monitored in an enclosed environment. 

There is something to be said about laying in the grass with your good friend complaining of your siblings, parents, teachers, etc.  You release.  You blow off steam.  No one hears you and no one tells you not to talk like that. 

I didn't have brothers for a long time so I'm not sure what boys got up to but my friends and I had all kinds of pretend games.  In particular, I remember playing pirate.  Where in the world did that come from?  At any rate, we used boards and sticks and whatever objects we found laying around and ran and played to our heart's content. 

I may be wrong but I believe children just need to get out of their own life sometimes. 

And, I have to confess, I so remember my sisters and I saying things like - "she is on my side", "she touched me", "she keeps looking at me".  So, this thing with the Grand Girls bickering is not unfamiliar to me either. 

I know my son is a great Dad but he is not, of course, perfect.  He spends a lot of quality time with them even after he comes home dead tired.  I'm sure I will see some areas he can improve in.  Just by asking and accepting the help he is ready to make improvements.

Dear Olga - you did not go to far.  I shared my situation because I knew there could be different suggestions because of the different life stories we have all led.  I want to have as much information as possible to work with. 

I want to start with the quickest most direct solutions.  I don't believe I have all the answers.  All the suggestions I receive will be my library of information.  If something doesn't work it will be discarded and new ideas tried.  Even though I see many parallels with this situation and my own life, I know that what worked for me then may not be the ultimate solution now.  Trial and error. 

My hope is that with a little bit of support my son will have the strength to pick up the reigns again and the girls will have more direction and better able to entertain themselves - quietly. 

Now as soon as I buy an umbrella, I'll put on my Mary Poppins hat and be off to help the children.