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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Melting away down here

I haven't been up to posting in a while.  My eyes have recovered wonderfully but this not being able to see close up is just the flip side of not seeing far off.  I go for an eye exam next week and she will give me a new prescription.  I can't decide whether I'll get it filled or not.  Wearing the cheapie readers is so affordable but they are never on your nose when you need them and I'm not up to wearing one of those glasses holder rings -- yet.

My diabetes has been off the wall.  I don't think I've left the house in 3 days and that is so unlike me.  Buddy always gets is two - sometimes one -- walk a day.  I have been so so tired.  I've even almost run out of groceries because I just couldn't make the effort - no fear, I could have called my daughter had all things failed. 

I had my diabetic checkup week before last.  My blood glucose was nearly 10.  The scale is normally quoted between 5 and 10 so I guess that means I'm pretty bad off.  My doctor was trying not to show she was freaked out and of course, raised my insulin dosage again. 

I was kind of bummed which made me think I'd better kick up my heels while I can which is kind of hard to do when you are too tired to leave the house.  So the second-best option, call old friends and laugh about all the crazy things we have done  That really lifted my spirits. 

Then I realized that I had been taking those eye drops daily from June 25 through August 6 and they probably contain some amount of steroid to enhance healing.  Steroids are a no-no for diabetics.  I will ask the eye doctor next week when I see her and report it to my endocrinologist. Until I know better, I'm sticking with that self-diagnosis!

I've been trying to keep up with my blog reading but it's been hard so expect to hear comments from me only sporadically. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Heaven on Earth

We have had three days of overcast weather and it has been Heaven on Earth.  The skies are light gray but still bright and the breeze is blowing enough to cool you off as you walk. I was beginning to believe there was something wrong with me for getting so worn out after a Buddy walk but now I've reaffirmed it has nothing to do with the diabetes or other aging symptoms, just good old hot weather from Deep in the Heart of Texas. 

A new neighbor moved into the apartment below me yesterday.  I can never tell peoples ages anymore and since this is a 55+ when I saw a woman and her college-age kids moving boxes in I thought it might be my new neighbor.  She said her mother was moving in but she would not be here until today.  I thought it was so nice of the woman and her three grownish helpers to be moving and unpacking the mother but honestly, I felt so sorry for them.  While it was nice weather to be walking, it was a little different if you were doing hard labor.  I laughed at the number of boxes.  The new neighbor has about as many boxes as I had moving in but I had paid movers doing the lifting, not sweet family members. 

I've been out twice today, but haven't seen anyone coming or going yet, although I'm pretty sure the truck out front is one they used yesterday.  I remember how I ached from packing and unpacking and I took an extra-long, extra-hot shower last night in their honor. 

As for my eyes, I continue to be assaulted by small print everywhere I look.  Aargh.  How can people live like this  I could not read the expiration dates or carb counts on any of the items at the grocery today.  I can see that after the next appointment it will be back to full-time glasses so I can read again.  Hahaha.  Complaint.  Complaint.  Complaint. 

I was watching some British police show and they kept threatening and/or arresting various knowledgeable individuals with "perverting the cause of justice."  Which meant, if they knew something that could help the police and didn't tell the police they could be arrested for 2-3 years.  Why don't we have something like that here?  And another thing is that their police go door to door and the biggest weapon is this baton that flicks out.  Can you see our police trying to arrest somebody with a baton?  It is like the old saying about taking a knife to a gunfight.  And where do they get all those extra officers by the zillions that go door to door to ask for information? 

I've never been involved with a real police incident so our police may have techniques that I don't know about.  It just struck me as odd that they can throw people in jail for not telling.  I'm thinking we might need something like that but then, I've never had to inform on someone I love or care about. 

Oh, well.  Just keeping the rocks in my head circulating with a little "what if."

More later.  

Friday, July 19, 2019

This and That

Update on my eyes.  Had my last check-up on my right eye and everything progressing just fine.  A funny thing happened when I had the eye chart test.  I could read great with my left eye, pretty good with my newly completed right eye and not so perfect with both eyes together.  It is hard to explain.  It was not double letters or blurry letters but the two eyes were just not in sink.  Might be it takes a while longer.  I have an appointment in 5 weeks and she will give me a prescription to make things "sharper" she said.  I am not going to worry and will get new lenses for the old frames because I still like them.  In the meantime, I can watch TV and drive with no problem so we'll just see what the next step brings.

I am still dying from the heat down here.  I hear it is bad up there too.  We didn't get any rain from the Hurricane/Tropical Storm and we sure could have used it.  My sister in Dallas has heard talk of rationing because their rainfall has been so low. 

My sleep schedule changed again after the second surgery.  I am getting up around 8-9 a.m. now.  That is a decent schedule but by then it is already so hot.  Quite a difference between a 6 am and 10 am walk.  Poor Buddy but by the length of his tongue hanging out, he doesn't mind a short walk. 

I bought myself some cheaters because I can't read my cell phone now.  I have worn glasses since I gave up on contacts when I was 30 or 40.  It is not that I mind putting the readers on to view the screen but I hate the on/off process.  That is a drag.  I really feel sorry for people who have to use readers.  Walgreens had Foster Grants on sale two for the price of one so I've got one pair in my purse and one pair by my chair.  I am not taking bets on how long before I lose the first pair.  Hahaha. 

I'm feeling great and a little bored.  So no good stories to tell.  I'll try to find a little mischief before next time. 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Eye Update

This is the Friday after surgery on Tuesday for the right eye cataract.  This eye started out a little dryer than the left, I think, but it has settled down and feeling much better.  Still getting up around 6 a.m. now and morning walk with Buddy is nice without so much sun.  Yesterday he had to go out around 4 pm and that was pretty darn bright.  In fact, my world is so bright now that I have had to turn the light down on my cell and laptop and just a little on my tv.  Who knew I was living in such a world of darkness while I purposefully kept lamps off because of the strain they caused.  That was my first comment with both eyes repaired.  Where the #$Q$ did all this light come from.  Gone is the yellow tinge and everything is bright and new. 

The right eye is still blurry, of course, and can't read the news on my phone so I was surprised to read about possible Hurricane headed towards Louisiana.  I should have known something was up when  I got a handout on Hurricane preparations from the office.  I haven't started filling the water jugs in preparation yet.  It still can go anywhere before it hits or dissolves - whichever happens first. 

The Grand Girls were going to come over this weekend so we could wish my daughter a Happy Birthday but rain is expected so I'm not sure what will happen. 

Life without glasses seems very strange.  I gave up contacts for glasses full time in my 40s so 20 years for pushing them up my nose is a hard habit to break.  I still find myself doing that.  I am also going to need a pair of regular sunglasses when both eyes are recovered I think.  I've worn what I call Granny sunglasses - the kind that fit over your eyeglasses for years.  Now I can wear something stylish if I want.  I'm sure there will be sticker shock when I go to look.  I think I'll take a look at Costco first.  The Grand Girls like to go to the snack bar there so we may kill two birds with one stone. 

I'll end for now as the screen is still to bright.  If there are major typing or grammar mistakes it is because I'm just not up to proofing.  Hahaha. 

More later .....

Monday, July 8, 2019

Right Eye Surgery and Sleep Schedule

Hello again.  I've been hibernating from the summer heat.  It is so hot but my new sleep routine has given me a little help in that area.  I am now getting up between 2 and 4 a.m.  While I was recovering from the Valium they gave me before the left cataract eye surgery, I seemed to have slept a lot and reset my inner alarm.  The good part about the new schedule is that I can get up, make my coffee, open the blinds and drink my coffee as the sun comes up.  I am enjoying the sunrise through the boulevard trees as much as I did the sunsets.  About 6:15 a.m. Buddy and I go for his morning ablutions and even though it is still hot and sticky, the concrete hasn't heated up yet, the cars are not pushing out their hot air and the grass is still wet with due.  Buddy was hilarious in the wet grass.  Because he is so low to the ground he was trying to high step it but his belly was still getting wet.  Now he is used to it and just tromps through it.

This time change has also affected my insulin schedule but it seems to be fine.  I find I am starving in the morning and eat a lot while most of my life I have never been hungry until lunchtime.  I'm just going with the flow and eating cooler summer meals which are lighter in carbs so I have to watch that. 

I didn't get to see the fireworks 4th of July.  I picked out a spot I thought I would be able to view the big extravaganza Houston has, but I was asleep long before they started.  Buddy woke me up twice barking in the night and I'm sure it was the fireworks but I never heard them and slept right through. Too bad.  I like to look at the fireworks.  I also usually watch the Pops play on PBS while talking to my girlfriend on the phone.  That is great fun because while chatting we will each jump and yell Wow at the same time.  Hahaha.  Doesn't take much to entertain me. 

Tomorrow is my right cataract surgery.  I'm so confident that I am going to take Uber to the doctor's office and my daughter will pick me up.  I'm so excited to get this eye done.  I can see sooooo much better with my left eye.  It's hard to explain the difference but for me, the light I see with my left eye is not only sharper but the item I am looking at is in a bright white background.  When I look at the same item with my right eye the item is blurrier but it is also in a yellowish background.  I guess that just shows how bad my cataracts were. 

The apartment management starts a new project of inspecting apartments tomorrow.  I find this intrusive but I think that because there are many older folks who have lived in the same apartment for many years and don't complain as much as young people might that it is a good idea to make sure things are in good shape.  I'm just not sure.  It bugs me but why should I care? 

I haven't gotten to see much of my Grand Girls this summer and I had a lot of plans that I had to put on hold.  I'll be ready to swing into action in the near future. 

More later .....

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


I guess you've heard of the potential Hurricane Barbara in the Pacific Ocean.  I made the mistake of saying it was too early for hurricane season and jinxed it.  I didn't buy renter's insurance for this new apartment since I am on the second floor.  There is always the chance of wind damage to the roof and windows or falling trees from the boulevard across the street but I am going to take a chance this year. 

I remember when my kids were in grammar school and we had a hurricane, I'm not sure which one, and we pulled the mattresses into the hall to sleep.  The kids, especially the young son, thought that was the greatest fun. 

I remember in one house that had many doorways into the hall, I decided to empty the hall closet so I could sit on the floor and ride it out if I needed to.  Sounds funny to hear but I actually had a boss whose mother did that and her house was destroyed by trees and flooding but she came out safe. 

There was also the time after I sold my house and moved into my first apartment, that a huge tree fell and blocked my front door.  Luckily the apartment had another door and I was able to climb over the tree to get out. 

The absolutely worse was the time there was no damage to the apartment or complex but the utilities were out for 3 weeks.  That was A.W.F.U.L.  I don't know why it is you really want to be at home after tragedies like that.  Like suffering in the sweltering heat would really help anything!

Potential Hurricane Barbara is on the other coast from us and we don't generally have any problems unless heavy rain goes across the country.  Now Florida, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, that's when I start paying attention to the weather. 

This is all on my mind because my younger sister texted me and teased me about a storm being named for me. 

I've got my next surgery on July 9 and I don't want anything interfering with my schedule.  My left eye is just great.  No dryness and no blurriness except trying to read somethings.  I'll have to have glasses anyway so if my reading prescription does need to be adjusted, it shouldn't be a problem.  I am so pleased with the outcome.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Quick Report

The cataract surgery went splendidly yesterday, Tuesday.  With my crazy sleep schedule I warned them that if I feel deeply asleep it would probably be because the surgery was during my normal sleep hours not any kind of reaction.  The Eye Center took my diabetes seriously and I was appreciative of that.  They gave me a Valium after I got to the back room and I expected it would knock me out but it only made me a little hazy by the time of surgery. 

I had not met the surgeon as my eye doctor does not do the surgery anymore.  So they took me to the back to meet him and he had a look in my eye.  "Oh that's a big one," he said.  Not what the nervous patient wants to hear but I knew it was true.  They talked to me through the surgery and only one part stung a little.  The surgery didn't last long but I had to keep telling myself to breathe.  Hahaha.

I'm extremely proud of myself for not having a meltdown.  When I left the house I was resigned that I was doing this and good or bad it would soon be over. 

I can see good enough to type less than 24 hours later.  I have my follow up appointment a little later today and now I can't wait to have the second surgery on July 9. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Just a quick check-in.  First, the apartment.  They have painted the metal staircase, fence and braces with the black paint.  It does look much nicer.  They haven't started on the lattice work (different color) around each balcony yet so I put my plants back on the porch for today and tomorrow but will have to bring them back into the house for Monday.  It seems they are starting the process here in the front where I live so at least I will be finished first. 

Fever blister has healed nicely and Eye Center confirmed Tuesday appointment for 9:30 check-in.  They said plan to be there 2-3 hours; it gets cold so wear warm clothing; I can eat a light breakfast (so that will be good for my insulin).    I'm not sure if my daughter has to stay and wait.  Anyone have experience with this?  I'll call Monday and ask. 

My sleep is all over the place.  I have gone to bed at 8:00 am several times recently and gotten up around 4-5 pm.  I'm not going to fight it until this is over. 

I ordered the extra sterile tears the Eye Center recommends from Amazon.  The Eye Center gives you some so don't know if I will need extra but with my allergy eyes I figured it wouldn't hurt to have plenty around.  I will also have the special drops which will be taken for four weeks with a descending dosage each week.  Lordy. 

I also ordered puppy pads and toilet paper from Amazon.  Two things you cannot be without when you are house bound!  I expect I'll be driving soon but just in case.  Hahaha.

I'll keep this short since it is just excitement chatter. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Some Happenings Around the Apartment

First more strange things about apartment life.  Last month we got a notice about what we could and could not have on our porches/balconies.  Now part of the reason I moved here is that everyone was growing plants and the apartment manager that was showing me around said they encouraged this.  I thought it made sense.  Residents are paying the cost of plants and because we have water hoses we can use, they also see that their plants and those of the apartment are watered.  We have a company that comes in and trims the bushes and cuts the grass.  So it seemed like a workable arrangement to me.

I talked to some of the other residents and found out that the girl who showed me the apartment complex was a temp for the manager.  Apparently, the real Manager has talked to others about how much they could have in their areas as well.

Next we got a notice that there would be a mandatory inspection of all the apartments starting in July and that they would replace fire alarm batteries and a/c filters.  I thought that was really strange but then some of the folks living here are really feeble.  Not a lot but a few. 

Then last week and this week the started reroofing one of the buildings.  Again, something that might have needed doing.  I don't live over there so haven't heard anyone say.

Then today we get a notice that they will be painting and power washing and everything should be moved off the porches/patios starting tomorrow.  So I'm thinking... yes, upkeep is important and I have seen some places that need to be painted around the complex.  It is generally well kept up but not what high price extravaganzas the kids want today.  I chose it because of the square footage of the apartment which was large for a one bedroom.

So today I have been moving all of my plants and porch "junk" into my living room.  I saw a bucket of paint for the metal rails near my stairs so it looks like they will be starting over here first.  That will be good for me.  The sooner they start the sooner they finish.

Now you remember, I bought pretty planters for the balcony rail.  The plants have all grown very nicely as well as the plumbago and jasmine I planted in big pots on the stairs.  I can't bring the big pots in because I am afraid they will stain my new carpeting (since they have always been outside plants and I did not give them a good scrub when I moved here).

I'm afraid I'm going to lose quite a few plants while they are in the house.  The ferns can take filtered light but I'm not sure about the baskets.  That also means I will have to open the blinds during the heat of the day.  I think my windows might be tempered for noise, I'm not sure about heat, as I hear very little from outside but then again, you might say I hear very little anyway.

I've never really had experience with apartments doing all of this.  It feels to me like they are sprucing up to sell the complex.  I'm not sure if I like that.  I'm not sure why it would matter to me unless they want to raise the rent.  It just leaves me feeling uneasy and I need to get downstairs to talk to some of the folks to see whether this has happened before.

Also on the agenda this week:  I got my physical for the cataract surgery.  I broke out with a fever blister over the weekend and she told me they may not do the surgery if it doesn't heal before then.  Luckily, I've got all week.  The surgery is a week away. 

The little girls were supposed to come today but I had to cancel.  I am so tired again.  I get this brain freeze when I get like this and can barely find my words to talk.  That is how I was at the doctor's office.  I could barely answer her questions.  Dang.  Getting old and getting diabetes is a drag.

I guess that's about all I have to share.  Nothing exciting but nothing wrong.  Just curious and curiouser about the apartment happenings.

More later ....

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Too Hot to Trot Down Here

I've been playing catch-up tonight, reading about half the posts I have missed since my daughter borrowed her computer back from me.  I just can't read or write on my phone. 

Speaking of.  I got my lens measured last week and cataract scheduled for June 25 and July 9 in addition to several follow up appointments.  I'm quite excited and have been working very hard (most of the time) to keep my numbers in line,

The weather has been so hot that walking Buddy has been difficult.  Even in the 7-7:30 range I just am not feeling our lovely long walks.  The little goof ball was been openly complaining as he sits near the door and barks at me.  I guess it's a good thing if he has taught himself to go outside when he has a call of nature.  However, I'm not sure when we are still in the house if he is trying to trick me or not.

Things are fine here.  Son has planned a family vacation at the end of June.  I'll have to see how my eyes are.  I'm not sure that sitting around the pool with the grand girls is the best idea between the two surgeries. 

I saw the neighbor kid that painted the ladybug rock.  I was surprised to see it was a little boy.  (Very sexist of me). He was sitting in his yard playing a card game I didn't recognize while someone sat on the porch with what looked to be twins.  I think there is another family about two doors down that has twins also.  I'm not sure what is in the water around here. 

Son got moved into his new house and he is so ecstatic.  It is not only his first house purchase but also a small castle.  I didn't warm him about paying a house note in the lean years.  He asked my opinion but in a way that let me know he wanted my approval.  Of course, I approved with a don't forget to think about ... addendum. 

Daughter and her girlfriend/partner are going through the process of applying to be foster care parents.  Naturally, I gave them the same approval with a reminder to think about certain things. 

Well, I that is part of what has been going on.  I'm just trying to save up all my mental energy for the cataract surgery so I will be calm and relaxed.  Hope I'm able to get a little pool time in before the end of summer.  I forget how long they said not to get my surgery eye wet. 

More later ....