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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Could I really Live Permanently in a Small House?

After Hurricane Katrina I began to think about the importance of small, temporary housing. As various housing designs began to appear, I began to think of the possibility of living in a smaller environment permanently.
Like many boomers, I have downsized over the years. I moved from a larger house to a smaller house, then from a larger apartment to a smaller apartment. In the apartment I live in now, there are unused closet and cabinet spaces (ok just a little). I like the feeling of not being crammed into this apartment. I like the feeling of space around me.
I also like spending 5 minutes to pick up the apartment as opposed to hours in the house. As I think about retirement and country living with limited funds, I begin to see how these small houses might fit into my next downsize.
This post about the Small House Society is from Tiny House Blog.
Hey, if anyone out there needs a guinea pig and would like to invite me to use it for a week or so ..... I don't know if it's doable but I think it is worth consideration. I'm just saying....

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