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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Happened to A Day of Rest?

Here is an interesting article from Zen Habits about the many benefits of a day of rest. It reminded me of the Sundays of my childhood. We had Blue Law in Texas then. No stores were open, except food and gas, that I can remember. We went to church, went to eat a big lunch, and then took the best naps. I remember how boring Sundays were. We didn't watch TV or play video games all day (it just wasn't done back then). We didn't talk on the phone with friends, at least not much. There was only one phone line with no call waiting and placed in a location where every could hear your conversation. Who wanted to share confidences with your friends while your siblings and parents could hear every word on such a quiet day. What do I remember doing? Reading, daydreaming, laying in the grass in the backyard with my arm over the dog, just chillin' I guess we'd say now. What I also remember was come Monday, because I had been soooooo bored I was ready to go to school, go to work, go wherever. I was rested mentally and physically. I was ready to hit the floor running. So maybe there is something behind this day of rest business. Just thinking...

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