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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who did you dream of being?

Who did you dream of being? Midlife Sequel wanted to be an ice-skater with no skills or dreaming to back her up. I wanted to be an airline stewardess. When I came back from my short stint at college I went to the Pan Am (Pan American Airlines) office which was across the street from my dad's office in downtown Houston. I got the application papers, filled them out and sent them in. Selection and training for the airline were scheduled at certain intervals and you waited to be contacted to see if you had a chance for this whirlwind, around the world experience. I was 5'3" and much slimmer than my current weight but even then I was a little over the height/weight ratio and being short, while socially desirable, was not the preference of the airlines. I don't remember if I ever heard back from the airlines. I took a job at a law firm while waiting. That was the first of many jobs to come in various law offices. It turned out I did love working in the legal field, albeit some jobs much more than others. What would my life have been life had I been accepted by Pan Am? Would I have loved it? Would it have brought me the same personal satisfaction? and negative experiences? Who knows. It's just important that I dreamed big for my life and loved the life I actually had.

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