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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Easter - Think before you buy that Duck or Chick

Augie March - King of the Doodles. I absolutely love this blog. First though, if you are thinking about Easter pets for children read this article. Then, if you truly want to buy your child, or yourself in my case, a duck or chick read this whole site. It is an excellent source of information for living with and taking care of ducks.
When I lived in Louisiana I accidentally got into raising ducks. I was the city girl drawn to country life, as was the habit of the hippies in the 70s. My first duck came from a friend who had found the injured duck after a particularly bad flood. I can't even remember how I got the second duck, but I ended up with a mating pair of mallards from these two ducks. They raised ducklings in a small pond area that I was lucky enough to have and those beget more and I bought 3 or 4 more pairs of different varities until I had a great crowd of flying ducks (who would occasionally fly off and then return). I was always afraid the hunters of Louisiana would get my ducks but in the end it was my own dogs. I don't know what happened. They had all lived together for years - the dogs, ducks and chickens. One day we came home and there were bodies everywhere. It broke my heart and I gave up on these small animals as we also moved to the city shortly thereafter. I have always remembered those ducks and have confessed my love over the years to some of you friends. I didn't know until I read this blog that there were others who saw these animals as pets, friends or whatever you want to call it. I may never have ducks again simply because I haven't lived in a place where I could safely raise them. This is sad to me but at least I can live vicariously through this blog. Thanks Augie March and gang.

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