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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thrift Stores and the Pursuit of Happiness

Some of you have wondered how it is I came to love the dark and dusty thrift stores that fill my weekends and lunch hours. This excerpt from Tea & Cookies explains it perfectly.
I began to make my own rainy day forays into thrift stores here and there. I quickly realized that thrifting isn’t like shopping at all. Though you may have a list of things you would like to find, you can’t go with expectations. Thrifting is a treasure hunt. You might find something on your list, but you will more likely find something wonderful you never expected. A set of delicate teacups, a vintage children’s book you loved when you were young, a shiny red microscope still in the box. It is the surprise treasures that I love the most. And I’ve learned that if you see something good—snatch it while you can. It likely won’t be there the next day. Even if it's a pair of red, Wicked Witch of the West shoes you're not sure you'll ever wear out of the house.
Click through to read the whole article. http://teaandcookies.blogspot.com/2010/03/joy-of-thrifting.html

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