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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Need Help from the Saints?

I read a cute post from Delicacies about the saints and asking for help. I remembered the trouble I had selling my house on Moonlight. I had read about PLANTING a St. Joseph statue in a certain position outside the front door ... and I confess, I did it. Did it help? Maybe.
I didn't sell my house right away but it gave me the opportunity to move to Florida, fail at establishing a relationship with Jack, return to my unsold house and go back to work.
Eventually I sold the house but, while waiting for the closing and looking for an apartment, I accidentally found the house on De Milo. I put a contract on that house instantly. I probably lived in the De Milo house longer than any house aside from my childhood home.
It might not have been the help I was expecting but it turned out nicely I think. Thanks St. Joseph.

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