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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Survivor - The TV Legend

Ok, I admit to you that I am a Survivor junkie. I've watched all but the first couple of seasons. This season the Heroes vs. Villans brought back many contestants that we really loved or loved to hate. First off, Boston Rob. I think I probably started watching about the time he and Amber were on. I loved their on-screen romance and real life romance. He seemed then and now to be able to provide some basic shelter and leadership skills that have kept his teams afloat. So he's my number one man. Second is Russell. Last year I really wanted to punch him out a couple of times and thought he would drive me away from the show but I began to see the method in his madness and yes, I do believe he was the greatest player. Unfortunately, the double dealing that worked so well last season is now known by the other contestants so I don't know if he can pull it off. But, last night... Wow. If you didn't see the episode I'm sure they will be replaying the ending so I won't spoil it. Coach. I thought he was a little much before but this season he seems to be a more more loveable and not as controlling. I also like that he and Jerri may be developing a relationship. Nice. Rupert, the laid back and kind contestant from how many years ago. Still somebody you love but I wish he was able to make a stronger contribution. Same with Colby and Tom. A few years does make a big difference. And I guess that is the reason I am so amazed by the show. I know I couldn't do it, not even in my youth. To go into a hardship situation like their camp, the physical challenges, and to be dirty and hungry... Well I admire their stamina. I wish them all the best.

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