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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dangers of Bargains at the Thrift Store

From the Frugal Scholar: Bargain High: Danger Ahead On Friday, I saw a sign "Yard Sale for Youth Group" at the church down the street. This is a very upscale church. My newer car--a 2003 Civic--would be on the very low end in their parking lot, which is filled with Lexuses and the like. So this is a prime shopping occasion.Since it is against my frugal creed to drive around looking for sales, I decided to make it my morning walk on Saturday. When I got there, I could see the long line. Even with a poor shopping strategy, I got 40 classical CDs for my music-loving spouse, 10 books, a bag of dish towels (my weakness!), a quilt cover and matching shams, a pepper grinder, a can opener--all for $17.00! The CDs necessitated a phone call to said spouse for carrying aid. All these items will be put to good use and don't take up that much space anyway. And the bargains! I was positively delirious. Such delirium is common to bargain hunters--I have a colleague who gets a similar high at the grocery store. Truly, this is a dangerous thing. It can lead to driving around for hours searching out yard sales. It can lead to piles of things in your house. How do I know this? Because I succumbed to this addiction when I was in graduate school.I have not gone cold-turkey. I confine myself to the Goodwill that is next to a grocery store--around 1 mile from my house. Occasionally, I'll go to another thrift that is near the library. I do not go to the thrifts that are farther away. I do not go to yard sales.This is a good maintenance program. If you have these tendencies you know what I'm talking about! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is so true for me. Trips to the junk stores can be dangerous to the clutter level. Sometimes that good deal is so hard to pass up even if you don't need that extra (fill in the blank) and really don't have room in the closet, cabinet, etc. I find drugstores to be equally dangerous. While waiting for a prescription to be filled or just running in for toilet paper to save a trip to the grocery, I find more items I want. Drugstores carry a little of everything they're like mini Walmarts, only without the cheap prices.

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