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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Bathrooms

Apartment Therapy has a handful of suggestions like those above for dealing with the 1950s bathroom. I once had a little house, built in 1953, with a green on green bathroom. Green tile and a green sink and tub. Can you see it in your mind?
I think we all go through a phase where we love a color or can't stand a color. You probably heard this coming. At the time I purchased this house, I was in the "I Hate Green" phase of decorating. My sister had recently built a new house with a pink and green kitchen, and the kitchen was really nicely done, but it had green... not a place I wanted to drink my morning coffee. My other sister looked really good in jewel tones and often wore those deep and vibrant greens that looked so good on her ... but it was green.
So why, you wonder, did I buy this house. It had beautiful hardwood floors original to the house. It was a smaller house, about 1100 sq. feet, and I was just at the beginning of my "downsizing for one person" quest. I looked forward to smaller utility bills, smaller yard to keep up, less area to clean and three bedrooms to be designated bedroom, dressing room and office.
I did love that little house. I planted and painted. I accessorized my backyard for a toddler grandson and spent Saturday morning watching the birds feed at the multiple feeders I had hung on every available limb. Unfortunately, I came down with diabetes while living there. Even the small house became too much for me. I sold the house and moved to an apartment. I don't regret moving but I do miss that little house and its 1950 green bathroom.

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