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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What are Life's Essentials to You?

A life of simplicity can be defined as a life that has removed all of the nonessentials. This is what I have been trying to put into words. The description of the life I want to live. But, the question is, what are nonessentials? For me, essentials are books - from the library, the used bookstore or the few I purchase new because I love them so much. Pictures are another essential for me. They are on every wall in my home. My taste tends to run towards posters from the art exhibits I have seen. They are framed in new (50% off at the craft store) or used frames from the thrift store. Books and art may not be your thing, your essential. Pots and pans are not essentials to me. I have two of each but I don't cook much. I don't love it. Maybe you do. Maybe feeding your friends and family makes you feel alive. Then they become your essential. Maybe you love to walk or to run, then the required footwear may become your essential. Even a special pair of jeans that you wear until the knees show through can be your essential. It's not that only certain things, like food, can be essential. Your essential is that extra, within the scope of your finances, that makes your world a more contented place. ~~~~~~~ I considered this the end of my post but then I thought I would add one more thought. I don't consider an iPod or texting phone an essential. I get all music or telephone conversations I need from other sources but I can see where this could be the essential in a young person's life. I remember my need for a transistor to lay out in the yard and listen to my music. I remember whispered phone calls with my friends on the family phone. We must judge essentials on the desires and interests of the person, as well as the economic ability to afford same. If the money is not there, then it is not. But if texting brings your young person contentment and feeling that their life is good, then isn't that an essential in their world. I don't know. I'm just saying....

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