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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Defenders vs. The Defenders

Since I have been on a kick about remakes - Karate Kid, Hawaii 5-0 - here are a few words on the new and the old television programs - The Defenders.
The original tv program, The Defenders ran from 1961-1965. It starred E. G Marshall, Robert Reed (Father of the Brady Bunch), Joan Hackett and Polly Rowles. It was a serious drama that covered many topics of the day. It was one of the first programs to do so.
The new Defenders starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell is not based on the old TV program but on a documentary written about two Las Vegas lawyers. Somehow the documentary went from a reality program to a comedy or comedy-drama series. Bulishi and O'Connell are both very talented. I especially loved Belushi in The Principal, 1987; Red Heat, 1988; K-9, 1989 and Mr. Destiny, 1990. Funny, all of those movies contained that serious or soft side in his characters. You may prefer According to Jim or some of his leg slapping performances. My favorite Jerry O'Connell was Crossing Jordan and, of course, Jerry Maguire. He's aged since many of his earlier roles and is making a handsome man. I hope his acting skills have kept up with his growing good looks. If so, we might have a winner with these two actors.
Luckily we won't have to compare the two series. Let's wish the new The Defenders the best of luck and hope they bring us a really good series.

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