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Friday, August 13, 2010

Finding Professional Shoes for Hard-to-Fit Feet

This is an interesting post from Corporette Professional Shoes for Wide Feet? Reader K has a question about work-appropriate shoes for wide feet... Could you do a post about work shoes for very wide feet? So few manufacturers make even wide sizes, much less extra-wide. I wear a 7 EW -- short, wide, and nearly impossible to find -- and it is a major struggle to find shoes that don't look like they are for the geriatric, diabetic, or both (not meant as a dig against either the geriatric or diabetic, but I am pretty sure those two populations drive most of the demand for extra wide shoes!). I have only ever had any luck with Sofft, and they don't offer extra-wide in most of their styles. I have a black version and a brown version of these: http://www.zappos.com/sofft-rivoli-black-marbled-patent. They are serviceable and unobtrusive, but not especially cute or interesting. I have one pair of black flats that I am only sort-of satisfied with. I have no other work shoes! I have searched on the websites I generally see recommended for shoes and I have gone to Nordstroms to try things on in person. Are there any specialty stores or websites that make young, cute, professional extra wide shoes? Are there any brands that are known for especially wide toe boxes, so that a normal W would be sufficient? Interesting... We know of Designer Shoes, whose mission is to "trendy, stylish and sophisticated shoes in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide, sizes 4 to 15 and widths AAA (slim) to WW (extra wide)" -- you can even shop by shoe width on their site. We're also aware of some other extended-shoe size places, such as Barefoot Tess (up to size 15). From a quick swing by Designer Shoes, we see that your choices are limited -- it looks like brands Soft Spots, Bella Vita, Walking Cradle, Elites, Dyeables, and more all offer shoes in your size. (Pictured, Bella Vita Breeze Black a Pump shoe for women, available in size 7WW at DesignerShoes.com for $61 (was $103).) We also note that Barking Dog Shoes, a great blog for comfort shoes, has a category for shoes that are known for wide toe boxes. To the readers with experience here -- where are your go-to spots for extended sizes for shoes?

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