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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Small Kitchen Style

If you've read my blog or know me, you know I'm into downsizing. I wish it was because of my concern over nature or my worry about over population or just my concerns about the financial messes we are getting ourselves into with our McMansions and Hummers, nope, I'm just lazy. I have found joy in the fact that I do not have as much house work to do. As I share my wealth with Goodwill or other thrifts, I find I can reach into a cabinet and not have to move twenty items to find the one thing I want. For instance, if you don't mind hearing these stories over and over, I have one extra large bath towel for me and, now that Shaun is 11, one extra large bath towel for him when he visits. I have four towels and four handcloths for visitors. If I have more company than my four towels will handle, then baby, it's a bring your own towel weekend at my house !! But I digress. What I really wanted was to share this post from SmallPlaceStyle. I love her ideas and read this blog regularly. If you're downsizing, living in an apartment or, be still my heart, building that retirement place in the hills/country/seaside/desert.... here are some small ideas. It may not be for everyone, I'm just saying...

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