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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Violin or Fiddle

I had supper at the Mexican restaurant on Friday night with my daughter Jamie, son-in-law Edward, and very special grandson Shaun. It was the end of the first full week of school for first time middle schooler Shaun, and first time kindergarten teacher Edward. Both agreed that the week had been about 3 months long. We laughed about crying, run-away kindergartners, and the difficulties of making it to your locker and back to class on time for first time locker owner Shaun. We also learned that teaching kindergarten wasn't as bad as it could be and that going to 6th grade wasn't as great as it could be (I think someone had visions of High School Musical in the Halls). Shaun's 6th grade schedule is quite different from my days in "Jr. High.” He goes to 8 periods on Monday, then four of the classes on Tuesday-Thursday and the other 4 on Wednesday-Friday. The courses are also split up in that orchestra is the elective (?) one semester and P.E. is taken in its place the next semester. I had been very worried about the orchestra class because Shaun had never had any training on any instrument. I had visions of him being thrown in with little Yo Yo Mas. I even called the school to discuss the wisdom of this but before I could schedule any meetings, Shaun came home with a report that they were learning to read music. An excellent thing to know, I thought. Then another day he came home reporting that they had all had a hands-on class with the violin and he really enjoyed it. (Shades of my ex-husband who had decided to take violin lessons at 20 something. I thought it was interesting that they should be enamored by the same instrument. The ex's side of the family has all kinds of musical talent running several generations back. My family,however, can barely carry a tune.) Shaun was amazed at the songs his teacher had played for the class. One was from Harry Potter, the others, whose names I cannot recall, would be recognized as current favorites, and just the type of songs that would impress young 6th graders -- and me too, I am sure. That, in turn, lead to a discussion of how I loved Fiddle or Violin music from the 70s. Amazingly there were a lot of electric violins in musical groups back then. My poor daughter, being my oldest child remembers listening to my music and has a very good handle on everything from Motown to Southern Rock to Celtic music. I am hesitant to admit it, but my children and I are apt to break into song – any where, any time, any place. So, of course we broke into song at the restaurant with .... here it comes ... The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels. According to my daughter I played that quite frequently... and here's a little reminder. Well that got me to thinking about those other fiddle players I loved so much. So, I turned to YouTube to show the Grandson what turned Nana on ... here's White Bird by Its a Beautiful Day Then, just to show Shaun that Nana's still cool and that the electric violin was not all about Country Songs or Long Haired Hippies, here's a current pair I really like .... FUSE Reliving memories with a Grandson who hasn't heard your stories a million times ... Priceless.

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  1. You need to see "The violin sings, the fiddle dances" - a seven member group out of Canada. We saw it at the Music Hall before they built the Hobby Center. Really awesome. Good story... ~glynda