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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

J&J recalls more drugs made at troubled plant

March 30, 2011 — 10:20am ET
By Tracy Staton

There's another odor-related recall for Johnson & Johnson in the works. Complaints of a musty, moldy smell wafting from bottles of Tylenol 8-Hour caplets prompted J&J to pull 34,056 bottles in a new recall. Plus, the company added another 717,696 packages of five different drugs to a January consumer-med recall, saying that production equipment might not have been cleaned properly.
These two episodes bring J&J 'scount to more than 20, affecting a host of the company's top brands. Both of them involve drugs made at the company's troubled Fort Washington, PA, plant, before it was shuttered last April for retooling, Dow Jones reports. That plant, along with facilities in Puerto Rico and Lancaster, PA, is now operating under an FDA consent decree. The Fort Washington facility won't be able to resume production until the agency gives its blessing.

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