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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Loss of the Formal Dining Room

There was a time nearly every home over a certain size had a formal dining room. These spaces were generally reserved for “Sunday Best” entertaining and holidays. Over time, our lives have become less formal and most parties end up in the kitchen. (Which naturally gave rise to the kitchen stadium concept mentioned above.) However, there is a value to maintaining certain more formal traditions. Respect for conversation, table manners and the ability to be comfortable in a more formal, adult atmosphere, is a great lesson for children. Besides, who wants to eat a nice dinner with dirty dishes sitting over your shoulder?

I don't know.   What do you think?

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  1. I miss our formal dining room. It was great to gather the family for celebrations throughout the year. We had a great table that would open up to seat 12, or close down for an intimate dinner for two. When we built our new home on the water, space constraints did not allow for a formal setting. Now we have a casual experience on the veranda overlooking the water in better weather days, and an improv of a table for eight and a peninsula bar as buffet. Down on the water, it's hard to be formal anything... No one seems to mind - lol ~ Gg