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Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Fave

Overcastfrom Enjoying the Small Things by Kelle
For three days now it has rained. Somewhere out in the gulf, Tropical Moisture has unpacked his bags and decided to stay a while, and his staycation has consequently colored our skies to a constant state of dreary gray. The sky looks like an ashtray, even though the glass-is-half-full voice that dwells within is begging me to retract that statement or at least change my description to mysterious silver. Pensive sky is, I believe, how I've referred to it in the past, but the monotony of this weather pattern is wearing on me and affecting my mood.

I went down to the beach today, just a quick trip to inhale the best of the stormy landscape, the brightest and most open of skies, even though the sea sky was still heavy and gray. The mangroves were thick with mosquitos, and the sand was dense and wet. But the view from under my umbrella was still beautiful. Quiet.

Just as I was arriving, an older woman was crouched over on the boardwalk, wringing out her socks. Her hair was still dripping, and her clothes stuck to her skin like wet paper.

"That's not from the rain is it?" I asked, startling her on a vacant beach.

"Oh no," she smiled. "I got down here, saw that quiet water, and it looked so inviting. I jumped in, clothes and all, and floated on my back in the rain. It was amazing."

I smiled. I'd like to be her someday.


Thanks Kelle.  I just love this post. 


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