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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gene McDaniels dies at 76

You know what greatness is ? when you love a record so much you play it 50 times in a row,without a rest in between. We just dont have songs that ENERGIZE and INSPIRE us anymore ! sad, but true.

I'll confess I wasn't cool yet when Gene McDaniels was singing but like every wanna-be pre-teen I listened to the radio at night when I was supposed to be sleeping and I remember these two well and can still feel that teenage angst that makes your heart explode while your waiting and wanting your day to come.

AND, just because I saw Dee Clark pop up when I was searching for Gene McDaniels,

I wanted to include these great songs.

I still sing this song.  Still remember the words... well most of them.

Sometimes its good to be old if you can remember these great songs.

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  1. Two of my most favorite songs. And boy can I remember all the words. Don't remember what I did this morning, but those words come back without trying.