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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saving Where You Can

Reader K wrote in to recommend this thermos, noting "Maybe I'm the only nerd who brings her own coffee in a thermos to the office, but this one is FABULOUS for anyone looking to break their Starbucks habit. I make my coffee at about 7am and have my last cup at about 3pm, when it's still piping hot out of the thermos. Well worth the $28 and saves a bunch of money I'd otherwise spend at the coffee shop. This 26 ounce version fits nicely in my briefcase and holds almost 3 standard coffee mug cups for me." Nice! I've never been such an aficionado of coffee that the office swill wasn't okay for me, but if I were, I'd definitely be looking for a thermos like this one. It's $27.95 (was $35) at Amazon. Thermos Nissan 26-Ounce Travel Companion Stainless-Steel Insulated Bottle (L-2)

I was always lucky enough to work at law firms that provided free coffee so I never let myself get in the Starbucks habit.  However, there were some firms that made the most awful coffee and so, yes, I brought my own during those times.  I really didn't mind making it and toting it each morning but I had a problem adding the sugar and cream at my desk.  It seems I can't open a packet of sweet-n-low without showering my desk with little grains of sugar!