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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We interrupt this Blog for an Important Message

I subscribe to about a kazillion blogs.  I read most of them but, depending on the content, sometimes I don't read a particular post on a subject that is not within my need to know categories. 

To add to that, I write 3 different blogs.  Each blog is a different subject so the blogs I subscribe to relate back to the subject of my blogs.  Confused.  Me too.

Today I decided to clean up some of my subscriptions.  For instance, I removed all the fashion blogs from my Diabetes (The Devil Named Diabetes) blog and put them on my Everything blog (Baby Blogging Boomer).  I also have a Maxine (Thoughts from Maxine) blog for cartoons and quotes.  Whew.  

The point being, if you noticed my little icon disappear from your blog and then see me resubscribe, just know that I am merely moving things around.  

In case your wondering, I did figure out how to delete a blog subscription on my Blogger (Google) and I am going to hook everyone back up through BlogLovin' if they are linked to this site.

BlogLovin' seems to me to be the easiest reader.  However, I have not tried moving or deleting blogs from this platform so I may be making a bigger mess of things.  We'll see. 

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