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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1).  Your will and/or power of attorney… and the lawyer’s information.   You will want to keep the lawyer’s info with the will so that they will know just who to call if they need it. .
2).  Original birth certificates
3). Social Security Cards
4). Property Insurance info (and again, the number of your insurance company).
5). Medical information: Doctor’s numbers, prescriptions, etc..
6). Passports
7). Cash – in case of emergency
8). Titles to your vehicles and one spare key for each car and a key and deed for your house.
9). Marriage Certificate
10).  We haven’t done this yet, but you need to make  a DVD of the items in your home.  I have heard horror stories of people that have had to try to remember everything that was in their house with the price of all of it!  This would make things so much easier!
You don’t need to do this, but I also have a family picture in our fire safe box.
Keep your fire safe box in a place that your family can find it.  Keep the key near it or let them have a copy of the key.

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