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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Is it asking too much??

I look at this closet and it makes me so happy.
Why is it then that a one-person household
cannot keep a closet looking like this?

via BHG

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  1. Two reasons that I can see:

    1. We have a lot more stuff. In a stix and brix home I'd sure have more towels, etc., than that. Assuming seasons and changes in weather, you'd need light blankets, heavy ones, quilts, more pillows in case guests stay over or grandkids are visiting. And maybe I'd have a couple different color choices for towels and bedspreads.

    2. There are organizers and storage containers in this closet. I've never had either in mine at home. Or here in The Palms. Of course, I don't have a linen closet here, I have a linen drawer. Trust me it's neat - and not well stocked, but all I need for this lifestyle!