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Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 Things You can Donate to Nursing Homes

  • 1. Oversized or large print decks of cards. This made it easy for individuals to see the cards and allows the residents to play games as a group or individually. 
  • 2. Large print books. Any large print book is appreciated. Books that are geared towards men such as westerns and mystery are especially prized. 
  • 3. Fun snack treats. Fun-sized bags of chips, stick chewing gum or snack cakes. These can be used as bingo prizes or during the various socials that occur throughout the week. 
  • 4. Large print word search and crossword puzzle books. The word search seems to be most popular at my Mother's facility, but any of these books would be appreciated. They can be easily picked up at the dollar store, sometimes even 50 cents each! 
  • 5. Magazines that are geared towards men. Magazine donations are welcome in general, but magazines geared towards male interests are prized finds. Car magazines, farming, carpentry or other hand's on magazines that hold a man's interest. Male residents will spend a lot of time enjoying those magazines. 
  • 6. Easy grip puzzles. 300 piece easy grip puzzles are the ideal size. Big enough to take some time, but small enough not to cause frustration. Easy grip pieces also lock into place with less effort, making it a more enjoyable experience for the resident. 
  • 7. Birdseed. Most nursing homes have bird feeders. Help stretch the activity director's budget a little bit by providing birdseed for a week or two. Residents enjoy watching the birds, seeing all the different types. 
  • 8. Arts and Craft Supplies. New craft kits or just some left over supplies. Plastic pony beads, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, fabric, colored paper (lots of colored paper), decorative scissors or anything else crafty could be used at one point or another to enrich the lives of the residents. 
  • 9. Narrow over the door shoe organizers. This could either help organize shoes or small items that residents have in their room. It will help best utilize the space that they have. 
  • 10. Socks. Non-slip socks and diabetic socks with the soft cuff are appreciated.

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  1. Nice ideas - it costs so little but each of these would provide such happiness for the residents of nursing homes. :)