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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Buddy Boy

This is my Buddy.  Rascal jumped up in my lap to tell me someone was at the door.  He doesn't believe a knock is adequate to announce a visitor.  Luckily, there is no sound on this post so you missed the barking.  Cute little fella, huh?


  1. He's darling! His face looks like Katie - so of course I think he's the most handsome boy!! :)

  2. And - hey girl - Happy Retirement ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I LOVE being retired, had no idea I'd be so happy not having to work every day, the early hours, the commute, the being available 8 hours a day, having professional clothing, leaving Katie home all day long for 10+ hours. I thought I loved my life before and really enjoyed working, but I should have guessed how great retirement would be. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :) PS - it did take a little time not to feel guilty about such bliss, but that will pass.