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Monday, March 24, 2014

Eat Right for Your Type, Diabetes and Soba Noodles

I spent the weekend reading Eat Right for Your Type and then Cook Right for Your Type written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  As the titles indicate, you use your blood type to determine which foods are best for you. 

Before I started reading I looked for reviews on the books and the research on this diet.  The main medical complaint was the lack of evidence showing a link between diet and blood type.  As with all diets, there were also posts by happy, successful followers. Because I have a friend of a friend who is, like myself, a diabetic and has had some success, I decided to give it a try.

Since I didn’t know my blood type, I purchased the blood test kit online from D'Adamo's website and took the test, which showed I was an O-.  I figured I was an O because I am such a meat eater.  Meat and chocolate that is.  Although the test was less than $10 and is shipped very quickly, there is a warning that some individuals are not able to get their results through this type of testing and will need a fuller medical test.   Just FYI -  I did not have any trouble

Then .... 

I took the food list for O's, there are three categories - beneficial, neutral and avoid, and picked out the foods I liked or was most likely to eat from the first two categories.  Then I took my diabetes food index marked out any that I should not have.  The few foods I did remove for diabetic reasons came mainly in the fruit or veggie department because of high sugar or starch content.

Then ..... 

I took the Eat Right Cookbook and went through the type O meals and made a list of the ones I thought I might like.  I wanted something easy - and cheap would be nice too.
Then .... 

I went to Half Price Books to see if I could find the two books since I had marked my Library copies with sticky flags and didn't want to lose the recipes/information I marked.  I got the Eat Right for $1 - yeah.  But the Cook Right was not on sale so I bought it off ebay.  

Then .....

While I was at Half Price Books I also bought a book titled 101 Things to Do with Ramen Noodles (I suspect cook them, but dumb titles are allowed).  As we know, only skinny people live on Ramen Noodles but I thought I would research it.  

Then .... 

Came home and got on the internet and researched ramen noodles and diabetes, and found there is a Japanese noodle - soba noodles - made of 100% buckwheat flower which is allowed for O's and diabetics.  So I placed an order on Amazon for soba noodles, some type of soup sauce (like comes with ramen noodles but not so salt laden) and some type of Japanese pepper.  When they come next week I'll try the Ramen cookbook ideas with the soba noodles and hopefully have a fast, cheap, go-to food. Did you ever see the movie with Brittany Murphy, I think it was called Ramen Girl.  I'm sure I'll be a Ramen/Soba genius after my goodies come in.  


I have finished my research, thank you very much.  I know all there is about being a Type O and diabetic. Now, if I only had a chef in the kitchen to prepare all my meals with my newly gained information my life would be perfect.  

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  1. Very interesting, I also recentlly bought the blood type diet and as I am an A+ I was not surprised to see the foods listed, as they are what I have leaned toward for years. I also made a big list just like you did. I think there was 2 foods that I hate to give up but will cut way back and that was tomatoes and oranges. I am prob about your age and am also striving to eat healthy so I can be that bossy old 99 year old at the senior prom.