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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Retirement Thoughts

I read retirement articles all of the time.  Some retirement articles have nothing to do with my life.  Others give me a new angle to view this unrestricted, undefined and unlimited lifestyle.

The internet takes up a large part of my day.  I read. I blog. I research.  Right now I'm sitting in my office, also known as my recliner, with my laptop and remote control in my lap.

I can hear the sound of thunder and smile at the thought that I won't have to run any errands today because I have the excuse that it is raining.  Is it immediately obvious to you?  I don't need an excuse not to run errands because I have all day every day to get things done.  Nonetheless, during the years I worked, raised a family and took care of a house, the rain excuse became ingrained in my list of excuses to ease a hectic day.

When the rain pattered on my porch today I was immediately transported to that time when rain was a reprieve from the fast speed and many requirements of a busy life.

Letting go of life patterns is like watching your child walk into the school house on the first day of kindergarten.  Sweet but sad.  When you let go of a pattern you know your life will never be the same.  Doesn't mean better or worse.  Just means different.  And that, is what retirement is.  Different.

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  1. Yes, it's different, but trust me: retirement is better, much much much better. Yes, much better. Far better than I ever thought it would be. :)