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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School 2014: Photo Day | Target Commercial

I love the faces this young girl makes.  I remember getting the same looks when I photographed my kids.  When you get to be a grandparent, like me, you look back on times like these and they become the sweetest moments of your life. Your children in all of their stages of awkwardness are the most meaningful memories you possess.  Sometimes you remember what else was happening that day, like you were running late or they refused your help with their hair or the outfit they were wearing was their favorite.  I can look at photographs and relive so much of my life - the good, the bad and the ugly.

It made me wonder how my children will remember their lives with their children. They probably won't have photographs to review.  No picture of the first lost tooth, except on their cell phone.  How long will these digital pictures survive.  Will they be saved to a computer or uploaded to that unfathomable cloud.  Will they be able to have a visual reminders of their life as a family to look at, like I do, from time to time.  Maybe they won't miss it.  Or maybe they just won't know what they are missing.

Granddaughter #1 getting on the school bus the first day of school.  I will keep this picture and remember it all my life.  I will also print it and keep it so she and I can remember it as she goes from grade to grade, and, if I'm lucky, share again when she graduates from high school.

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