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Friday, August 15, 2014

Books I sell on Amazon

I've been selling books and other items on Amazon for a while now.  Believe me you don't make much money doing this no matter what the infomercials say but it gives me something to do and helps me keep the unwanted items that collect around my house recycled.  Today I figured out how to link the items I sell so I thought I would share it.  

Before I retired I ordered a lot of books off Amazon, especially if the library didn't carry it.  This meant an over abundance of books on the bookshelf that had to be recycled.  For a long time I donated my books to a charity thrift near my house.  Then I realized the books I was buying off Amazon were, many times, being recycled by others.  I take good care of my books so I thought... why not.  I cleaned out the bookshelf and started listing.  Now, I am down to only buying what I love, entering a book contest or recycling books given to me by friends.  I do have a lot of book loving friends that don't want to go to the aggravation of reselling or even donating books so here I am with a little side business.

If you are interested in any of the books I list, I'd love to have your business.  No pressure, no fault.  There are plenty of readers out there so someone somewhere will want it.  By the way, if you see some strange items for sale - don't judge me to harshly, I'm sure it was given to me and was not from my forever bookshelf.

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