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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Least Expensive Places to Live

If you are living on a fixed income such as retirement, does it make sense to move where your money goes further?  Technically, yes.  I think I'm pretty brave living a single life and taking care of myself but moving to a different state without friends and family .... I'm not sure.  However, I chose Arkansas since I've been there and know how beautiful the state is.  What about you?


  1. everywhere worth living to me is very expensive.
    Arkansas wouldn't be on my list but that is why there are 50 states to chose from right?
    I've lived in a lot of places. The beautiful of the state can become dim when the locals are not nice. I found that so true in one city/state I lived in. I cried a great deal. But the beauty out the window was spectacular. I have learned that the place is made by the people as odd as that sounds.

  2. Hubby and Iare still debating, as I have several more years but he's ready to downsize and move now!