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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color Me Beautiful

Do you remember way back when... The stylish thing to do was get your "colors" or "seasons" done.  The Color Me Beautiful program identified the colors that you looked best in by using your hair, skin and eye colors.  Most programs used Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as categories.  Some programs used a generalized system where you would buy a packet of colors for all persons of a certain seasons, others had color specialist who picked a season but tried a gazillion shades on you and came up with your specifics.  

I had my colors done, thanks to the insistence of my mother.  I was a bit of an anomaly with Fall skin and Winter hair.  What this meant was that certain shades made my face sparkle and others made my hair shine.  For many years I shopped with my color pallet in hand.  I never really loved shopping for shopping's sake. If I needed new shoes, a purse or a shirt, I shopped for that item.  I never trolled the malls like many teenage girls did.

I have a habit of taking the long road to tell a short story.  The point I wanted to make was that I love fall colors.  Always have but I never realized they were fall colors until having your colors done were the thing.  So, to celebrate my love of fall colors, here are a few fall pictures.  

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