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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Traffic Joke: 

Q:  What did the traffic light say to the car? 

A:  Don't look, I'm changing.  

As I post these jokes, I keep thinking, Granddaughter #1 is at this stage now. Granddaughter #2 is three years behind so in three years I'll be doing this again. Oh, the joys of life.  

Now for my library story.  I've mentioned before that I am still an avid library user.  It is not unusual for me to go more than once a week if I am running errands near there or if a particular book I wanted came in.  Let me explain.  

The Houston Public Library has an online system that is so terrific.  Not only can you sit in your chair and search for any author or any subject but you can also put a hold on the book and have it delivered to the library near you.  The library sends you an email when the book is in and you just run over there and get your order.  

My recent pick up was several books on making Chainmaille jewelry.  No, I haven't started any projects and truth be told I may not, but I suddenly became very interested in how these jewelry projects were assembled.  

So, to continue.  While I was standing in line, a nice youngish man joined the line behind me.  We were standing for a few seconds when three middle school or high school girls came up to him and told him they were doing a social studies project and asked if he would tell them a joke.  I heard the conversation and turned around.  He couldn't think of one after being put on the spot and neither could I.  Then he said, "Ok, I've got a lame one."  One of the girls pulled out her cell phone.  "Oh, you're going to record it?"  Yes, they nodded.  So here is his joke: 

Q:  Why wouldn't the young clam share his pearls? 

A:  Because he was shell-fish.    

I don't know whether the girls really had a school project or if they were looking for recordings to add to YouTube.  Either way I thought the youngish man was a good sport.  I just hope you don't see my picture standing beside him anywhere on the internet.  If you do, let me know.

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