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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Below is an excerpt from a post on Hillbilly Housewife.com entitled "Things I wish I knew about Christmas when I was raising my children." Click on the hyperlink for the whole article.

I’m an empty nester- I LOVE it. I think empty nesters should have honorary sashes that we wear that symbolize that we’ve made it through every season of parenting minors. Sort of like Girl Scouts where we get badges for things like cleaning vomit without gagging, making Halloween costumes from random items found in the home and repurposing cribs into crafting stations. We should have merit badges for surviving the teen age years and special occasion badges for teaching our daughters how to use tampons effectively without them dying of embarrassment or to shave their legs with minimal cuts to their shin bones.

Badge for Balancing the Budget

Badge for Surviving Christmas

Badge for taming the Jungle (also known as the backyard).

The badges above are real badges for, I think, Boy Scouts, and not for the purposes I set out.  Once I got started I came up with about a hundred different badges I should have been awarded.  This could replace Pandora charms for showing life survival skills.

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  1. Oh these are good! Whether empty nester or not, we all get to a certain age and deserve badges for what we've made it through.
    Merry Christmas :-)