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Saturday, December 27, 2014


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What are your plans for New Year's Eve?  Going Out?  Staying In?  How about a movie about New Year's Eve.  I found this list of Movies about New Year's Eve on Wikipedia. It has a little something for everyone. I think I'll make some popcorn and schedule a movie.  An old favorite or something new?  I can't decide.  

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005 film), a remake directed by Jean-Francois Richet

After the Thin Man, a 1936 comedy/thriller film directed by William Wyler
Better Luck Tomorrow, a 2002 crime drama
Entrapment, a 1999 caper film starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones
Money Train, a 1995 comedy thriller
Ocean's 11, a 1960 heist film starring five members of the Rat Pack

Four Rooms, a 1995 anthology film with segments directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino
Ghostbusters II, a 1989 supernatural comedy directed by Ivan Reitman
The Gold Rush, a 1925 silent Charlie Chaplin film
Holiday, a 1938 remake directed by George Cukor
The Hudsucker Proxy, a 1994 screwball comedy
New Year's Day, a 2001 UK comedy
Party Party, a 1983 UK comedy
Radio Days, a 1987 comedy directed by Woody Allen
Trading Places, a 1983 comedy

200 Cigarettes, a 1999 comedy-drama about New Year's Eve 1981 in New York City
About a Boy, a 2002 comedy-drama
New Year's Day, a 1989 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Henry Jaglom.
Peter's Friends, a 1992 British comedy-drama directed by Kenneth Branag

Poseidon, a 2006 remake of The Poseidon Adventure directed by Wolfgang Petersen
The Poseidon Adventure, a 1972 adaptation of Paul Gallico's novel

Boogie Nights, a 1997 drama film
Cavalcade, a 1933 drama film directed by Frank Lloyd
Sunset Boulevard, a 1950 film noir
The New Year, a 2010 drama film

End of Days, a 1999 action/thriller/horror film about the end of the world on New Year's Eve, 1999
New Year's Day (Fear Itself), a standalone film by Darren Lynn Bousman in the film anthology series Fear Itself
New Year's Evil, a 1980 American slasher film
Terror Train, a 1980 slasher film directed by Roger Spottiswoode

Get Crazy, a 1983 musical comedy film
Holiday Inn, a 1942 American musical film starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire

Romance/romantic comedy
An Affair to Remember, a 1957 romance film
The Apartment, a 1960 romantic comedy
Baby Cakes, a 1989 romantic comedy
Bridget Jones's Diary, a 2001 romantic comedy
The Irony of Fate, a 1976 Soviet romantic comedy based on the director Eldar Ryazanov's 1971 play Once on New Year's Eve
The Irony of Fate 2, the 2007 sequel directed by Timur Bekmambetov
New Year's Eve, a 2011 romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall
Sex and the City: The Movie, a 2008 blue romantic comedy
Sleepless in Seattle, a 1993 romantic comedy
Someone Like You, a 2001 romantic comedy
Untamed Heart, a 1993 romance film

When Harry Met Sally, a 1989 romantic comedy 

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  1. I'm a When Harry Met Sally gal myself. It is so very very close to my husband and my story that it is one of our favorites. The difference being I did not meet him while driving to NYC. :-) All the rest is pretty damn on the money.

    New Years Eve is our anniversary. We spend it either going out to dinner or staying home.Either way we make it mellow - not party streamers and lots of people - not for us.
    This year, we have some fun plans during the day and are making a great meal at home that evening, which I am sure will contain a great bottle of wine.
    perfection to us.

    Whatever you do Barbara, Happy New Year!