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Monday, January 26, 2015


Sunday I was catching up on my blog reading.  One of my favorite bloggers, Brenda at Cozy Little House made a comment about one of her favorite, long- lost bloggers returning to the web.  When someone I follow talks about a blog she really likes, I usually click over to see if I like it as well.

Once upon a time in the blogosphere, there was a gadget where bloggers listed in a column on their side bar the blogs they liked and followed.  A lot of bloggers got out of the habit of having a blog roll as blogs became glossier and glammier (is that a word?).  I confess I dropped my blog roll and I'm not even glossy or glammy.

At any rate, the returning blogger that Brenda talked about is Rue, who is now blogging as An Old-Fashioned World but was previously known as Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life.   

As I read Rue's blog, I saw many comments from her old friends who had just found her again.  They, too, commented on the need for blog rolls to keep up with old friends and meet new friends.

So, thank you to Brenda and Rue for bringing this to my attention.  I am reinventing my blog roll.  Some blogs I follow concentrate on a particular subject area, others might appeal to me because of the author's writing style or photo skills.

 I look forward to sharing some of the many blogs I read that appeal to the various sides of my personality.

What does your blog roll tell about you? 


  1. Well good for you! I love to find other blogs from blog rolls. Like a kid in a candy store!

  2. I really like this blog roll feature, and I've kept it on my blog, because it is like having neighbors. Though it is not so reliable it adding new ones at time, I also use Bloglovin and the heart feature to keep track. Wonderful idea!

  3. I'm glad that Brenda and I inspired you to have a blogroll again. Thank you so much for the mention. Brenda is a great gal and I'm glad I found her again.

    Nice to meet you too!


  4. Hi Barbara! I love your blog title and your sense of humour. That quote up top about the phone on a Saturday nigh is too funny!

    My blog roll never left, but then again, my blog(s) have never been 'glossy or glammy' either, lol!