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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well I've had another really lovely holiday with my family.  New Year's Eve Day was full of chores and then I picked up the Grandson so he could go to my sister's with me on New Years Day.

My neighbors in front, young professionals but not very far removed from the fraternity stage, had a party New Year's Eve.  They were very kind and warned me ahead of time and gave me both of their cell numbers in case it was too noisy.

 I was tired from the errands I ran that day so early that evening I lay down with a book on cd to listen to.  The grandson was watching something on the tv in the other room.  So we comfortably headed into the New Year with no loud plans. Later, when I turned the tv off after the Grandson fell asleep, I heard the party.  I got back in bed and turned the cd player a little louder (ok, a lot louder) to compensate for the party noise.

I should remind you that I live in a garage apartment and that the kitchen window in the back of their house and my bedroom window are the two closest points. So the problem is not just that their music was too loud but also that we are very close to each other.

Around 1:30 am I got up to look out my window to see why I could hear voices so clearly.  There was a large crowd in the kitchen just laughing and hooting it up.  It so reminded me of my college years but, hello, they are not in college and this is not fraternity row, rather a nice artsy craftsy neighborhood with young, old and families.  Anyway, since it was New Years I waited until 2:30 to call about the music.  The music was so loud he could not hear what I was saying over the phone.  However, he must have gotten the message because the music was turned down.

So somewhat tiredly the Grandson and I got up late this morning and headed to my sister's house.  (Her youngest child is the same age as my grandson, so he especially loves to go there with me).  We had a terrific time.  The boys played the nephew's new xbox game.  We had all kinds of good food, including black eyed peas and cooked cabbage.  It was lovely and a perfect end to the long Thanksgiving-Christmas-NewYear celebrations.

Now the really funny part is that after I got home from my sister's this evening, the neighbor called me and said, "Somebody called me from this number, this is [so&so]."  I said, "This is [me] and that was probably my call from last night to ask you to turn down the music.  Remember?"  Then he said he didn't remember talking to me last night and I said well something must have clicked because you did turn down the music."  "Oh, good." he said.

I am already thinking about what I will be doing and where I will be next New Years.

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