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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Ok, my bad.  I was drafting this post and I somehow hit publish - corrections made and ready to go now.

Jeanette at Postworksavy had an interesting post today.  I won't describe it in detail because she explains it so well but essentially, it involves changing your password every 30 days with a word that will silently instill in you a change you need to make.

I commented to her I thought that using the phrase "Call Mom" would be something useful in my life.  How many times do I find it is 10:00 at night and I remember something I was going to do that day.  I could also use "Walk the Dog" and I would have another reminder beside the woeful moan and pleading eyes.  I might even beat him to the door.

Now I'm sure your first reaction is that you can't even remember the pass word you have had in place for a year now.  The reason we don't remember is that we have it set to automatically come up or fill in or some other trigger.

I log in and out about a half-dozen times a day.  If my password was say, "Empty the Trash" I wonder if I would think of it each time I went outside I'd carry a bag of garbage to the can.

I think there is a whole world of possibilities out there:  Drink More Water, Smile at Strangers, Stop at Yellow Lights.

Jeanette's thought was to use positive affirmations.  I'm more into cues that will help me build good habits.  I guess they are the same, just different areas in the same life.

I confess this really scares me.  I could totally lock myself out of my computer, or my checking account or my calendar.  I could start with great intentions and end up using every curse word and negative comment I've ever heard.

So what are we mice or men or as Violet put it in the movie "Working Nine to Five":

Violet: What are you, a man or a mouse? I mean, a woman or a wouse?


  1. Hummm, that is really a great idea! I'm going to head over to her post and read the whole thing. You have a new blog theme - perfect for February. I like it! :)

  2. Barbara,
    I am all for positive thinking, kind gestures and embracing humanity. Definetly some food for thought.
    Enjoyed having you stop by, evidently you are a tunic gal too!