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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I'm sitting here on this cold wet Texas morning and I ran across this wonderful blog site.  I didn't realize there was a shortage of Monarch butterflies.  I've seen those smaller yellowish butterflies in my yard but I haven't seen a Monarch in quite a while.  

I love butterflies.  Once a year, or when I have visitors, I visit the live butterfly forest at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston.  Its such a wonderful experience to have butterflies just fluttering and flitting around you.  

Then I had a good think about my backyard.  Why don't I have more butterflies with all the plants in my yard?  It's true I didn't have a good crop of lantana this year.  I didn't put out any special sugary treats for the butterflies to land on.  I didn't have a little sand tray, which they dearly love, for them to land on.  But I did have water and flowers and bushes.  What else do they want from me??  

I'm going to do a little more research.  I'm not going to start special plants in the garage and probably won't buy anything especially for butterflies.  And, since I already know a little bit about encouraging butterflies and building a habitat, I am going to start reading to refresh my mind, and make a few plans to encourage butterflies to visit my yard.

Yes it is a long time until the butterflies are around again, but I like to mull things over.  Think and plan.  Get a few ideas and fine tune them.  Yes,  butterflies this Spring would be a nice idea.  

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