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Monday, February 16, 2015


Are you even a little bit claustrophobic when you fly?  I am.  It is something that popped up in my old age.  I'm not afraid of crashes or terrorist takeovers, although it could (with a lower case "c") happen.  My problem is that I feel like I'm in a coffin.  The walls seem to close in.  When everyone stands up and rushes to the front and all I see are a bunch of crotches in my face, I become extremely angry.  One time when I was riding in the front row of the business section, they closed in on me so tightly I had to stand on my seat and threaten to throw-up on anyone that did not back up.  Some laughed and thought it was a joke.  Not so I was sincerely panicked.  So my daughter has refused to let me fly without her to protect the other passengers in the plane.

What brought all this to mind is an article I read in Wisebread about 24 Helpful Travel Hacks to Make Flying Stress-Free.  I particularly liked this suggestion:

5.  Fly During the Day
Sometimes flying during the day (when possible) is less stressful because it can lessen the feeling of being closed in, which tends to be worse in the blackness of night.

I'm going to test this theory out the next time I fly.  We do what we must do to face our fears.  And having fears makes us humble and more empathetic to other human problems.

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  1. Flying never bothered me until I became a mom, because I worried what would happen to my kids if the plane crashed and something happened to me. If I was flying with them I was OK, but not when I was flying without them.