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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Do you Shop Etsy?

Do you shop on Etsy?  It has been around for a while but I am just getting started with it.  What do I shop for on Etsy?  I shop for handmade, craft or vintage items. To join the fun, go to the link I've marked above and you can sign up as an Etsy member if you are interested in receiving suggestions.  You shop around by typing in items in the search box (example, rag quilts or wool skeins or glass beads).  When you search, be sure to mark your favorite items and/or stores (think marking movies on Netflix). From your marked favorites, Etsy will generate emails with items they think you would like. I can't remember how often they come, maybe once a week.

These are my favorites from the email I received today.

Janice of San Luis Obispo, CA has all types and sizes of rag quilts for sale.  She also makes made-to-order quilts. Janice knocks this type of quilting out of the park.  I love these quilts.  

Sandgrens Chukka Shearling Boots 

Sandgrens describes itself as: We have Swedish clogs and clog boots. At Sandgrens you will find the finest collection of wood clogs online. Whether you are looking for high heeled clogs, shearling boots, clog sandals, clogs for men, nursing clogs or clog boots, we will give you the latest fashion in handmade clogs.  

These boots may be a little young for me.  These boots may be a little high for me.  But, they are absolutely how I see myself through the looking glass and I'm wearing them in my dreams tonight.

Oksana Gyrts made this wonderful Ballerina doll.  I love soft dolls and handmade animals.  I think they would be worth the wait since Oksana ships from from Chernihiv, Ukraine.  

That's just an idea of the time of items Etsy carries that would jump in my cart if I were at a brick and mortar store.  

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  1. I'm an Etsy addict LOL

    I actually have to stop myself from going on there unless I'm looking for something specific. My basket is always full, even if I don't buy anything, because I'm dream shopping. Absolutely silliness on my part :)