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Friday, February 27, 2015


I love this post I just read at The Simple Dollar entitled Balancing Spending and Time: How “Time Frugality” Can Save You Lots of Cash.

It is a long post in its demonstration of the connection between being short of time and spending money to make up for the loss of time.  Something similar to the parent showering his child because he doesn't spend the time with the child he should.

Only it addresses what it mean to us personally, when we do not have time for the people, hobbies, interests, skills that are really the basis of our core happiness.  If you are simply not fulfilled by your life, it might offer some alternatives or new ways to focus on improving the situation.

This article spoke loudly to me.  I think it will help me make some improvements in my life and I look forward to thinking it out.

Here is a line I particularly like:  
The end result is that I actually get to experience the things I enjoy the most and not just buy “artificial replacements.”

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