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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Here is the result of my yard work over the weekend.

First I moved the small bird feeders to get the small birds (chicadees, I think) away from the flight path of the doves.  I feed the small birds a mostly millet mixture and the doves a mixture of sunflower, a little corn, and millet (in the red bird bath). 

The metal tray in the red bird bath is actually a hanging tray.  I had it hanging for a long time and the doves loved it but after I ran into it twice this winter and dumped a bowl full of cold water down my back TWICE, I decided it had to be moved.  I have not taken the chain off of it, as you can see, because it may be moved again during its life time.  The doves still fly in and sit on the metal rim and seem to prefer the bird bath as a feeder rather than a water source.  

That meant I had to add another water source and I found this top bowl at a junk store.  If is very heavy and I think it must have been part of a layered waterfall.  There is a small bowl area under the duck with a hole that feeds water into the base.  I covered that area with the duck, one of my favorite pops of color for the yard, to keep leaves from falling and mildewing in that small bowl. The leaves you see are not in the bowl but rather a vine over the bowl.  I'm sure that cleaning the leaves will be an every day event anyway.     

Now this area is a big change.  One, I moved the windmill into the flower bed because I needed the ground space and, two, it will still allow sunlight on the plants while allowing me to watch the windmill from my porch.  Do you have a windmill?  This one is old and has rust and is just nothing fancy but I love to watch it as it turns in the wind and the rotors blow.  I'm not sure why I find this so interesting and calming but if you don't have one, but have thought about it before, the cost is small and might bring you a lot of pleasure as it does me.

One more thing about the area above.  Notice the empty space in the left hand corner against the fence?  It has now been designated the Buddy space for barking at squirrels and cats that walk along the fence and more importantly his bonding area with the dog next door.  Buddy's barking can be a pain in the rear and I always get up and quiet him so my neighbors won't have to put up with it.  However, the dog next door, on the other side of that corner, loves to run outside and bark at Buddy whether Bud's outside or not.  Since Buddy has trampled the lantana and whatever else was once planted there, I have decided to let the dogs have that corner and just bear the dead looking area.  

In this picture you can see one piles of leaves I raked up but haven't picked up yet.  The other thing new/old is the old white chair.  That chair was my neighbor's who passed away.  I walked by that chair every day for years.  I never saw her sit in it or use it, but she did have yard pillows in it so I know she loved it.  I will get some new ones and keep this chair for a while in her memory.  

This last picture shows where I moved my original lawn chairs and you get a small view of the parking lot where the Granddaughters bikes, trikes and outdoor chairs are kept.  I should have taken a picture of the kitchen area under the stairs but it is all wrapped up against the winter weather.  

Well, that's my little home.  Nothing fancy but decorated with love - for nature, for Buddy, for the Grandkids and for my own pleasure,


  1. I love it! Lots of interesting things to catch your eye. A looooong time ago I bought a house that had two of those old chairs on the porch, they came with the house. I was surprised at how comfortable they were. Wish I still had them. Of course, they wouldn't fit in The Palms, but if I ever settle I'd love to find two more. :) I wonder if you could sand down the chair and spray paint it. It would look like new.

  2. I think it's absolutely necessary to have a nice space to enjoy the outdoors and I love the natural feel of yours. I could spend hours out there. I think I need a windmill of my own ;)