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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Some bloggers just seem to have such a knack for learning new tricks to use on their blog.  They force the rest of us bloggers out of our comfort zone.  They make us keep up with new technology or be left behind.  I'm sure some are just really adept at learning new computer tricks, especially the younger ones, but I am not one of them.  Not adept  or young.

Brenda @ Cozy Little House is a pro with Picmonkey.com and has discussed it several times on her blog.  So, not to be totally left behind, I have been playing around with this software.  It is a good site and really not hard to use.  It is kind of like when I am driving somewhere I have never been before.  I am lost the whole time, until I arrive at my destination.

This is a little something I was working on for my quotes blog.


  1. Barbara, thanks for stopping by my newish blog earlier. I look forward to spending some time over here and getting to know you.


  2. I love Picmonkey. It's the best photo editing site I've ever come across. And the fact that it will pick up any font you put on your computer is the icing on the cake!