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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Granddaughter #1 spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with me.  Here are a few of our fun moment:  

Making People out of toilet paper rolls

Poor Buddy had so many hugs, he asked to be left alone for a week.

The gloves were a present from one of my friends.  We were remembering wearing gloves to church.  Elayna associated them with the character from Frozen who had to wear gloves not too freeze what she touched.

We grabbed Chick-Fil-A for lunch and a little fun time on the play ground.

After bath.  Yes we have to brush your hair. 

Elayna took this picture of me.  For some reason her pets had to be in the picture.  At least they hid my double chin.  

A Selfie of us taken by Elayna. 

Monday afternoon I drove her to her Dad's office for the trip home.   Here is a picture he took during the ride home.  

Fast asleep.

That my friends was one long, fun, tiring, inspiring weekend 
with Nana and Elayna.  


  1. Looks like a great time, Barbara. Granddaughters are the best people EVER!!!!!

    1. She is so much fun and I've got another one four years younger than her that's not quite ready to spend the night. I'll be having company for a long time to come. Yeah.

  2. She looks so much like you! Tissue rolls are great toys, aren't they? I was quite distressed to see an ad for tubeless tissue even though I am all for environmentally friendly. That last picture is just priceless. I am willing to bet there could have been a similar one of you about the same time. Exactly how a trip to grandma's should end.

    1. I was very close to my grandmother also. I can remember playing dominoes with her long before I could count the scores. Such great memories.

  3. I've been enjoying your posts ... added you to my "More Grownup Voices" list. Happy blogging!

  4. Nice to have found your blog and to follow your sweet life and grandkids :)

  5. You know, it's funny, you reminded me of the days when I used to have my grand kids for a day. On the way home I was pooped, but looking in the rear view mirror, they were usually asleep! I guess the visits tire them out as much as they do us. LOL Your granddaughter is just darling, and at a perfect age for all that fun stuff. :)