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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A lovely day with the Granddaughters

I had a lovely day with my Granddaughters.  My daughter and I drove across town to Son's house, almost an hour away, to pick them up and bring them back to my house.  This was the first time Granddaughter #2 was really mobile enough to go up and down the stairs at my house.  She thought it was such fun.  We must have done it a dozen times.  My knees will probably be out for a week.

When we first got to the Son's house, my Daughter took Grandson #1 to run an errand and the girls and I watched TV and waited for them to get back. Grandson #2 had been in the back room and came out to see what we were doing.  The three of us girls were sitting on the couch watching Goosebumps on Netflix. Grandson #2 came in and saw what was on the tv and asked Granddaughter #1 why she was always watching Goosebumps.  She said because Nana likes it. Worse thing is, I do.  I watched it with Grandson #1 when he was young and I'll watch it with this generation.

There are no pictures from the visit.  It was like a swarm of bees were flying around the house.  The girls never sat still long enough for a picture.  The memories will be enough. 


  1. That's a wonderful way to spend the day.

  2. "Because Grandma likes it." LOL, why to stay cool.

  3. Hi there, Barbara! Thank you for finding my blog. Hope you enjoy, what you read there. And I will read here!

    I do my "following" on a private blog, where I have my favorite blogs listed, via a Blogger List Gadget. By peeking in there, I see when they have a new post... It's not the usual way of "following" but it has worked for me, for a long time.

    Of course you should not have stopped, for pictures! The memories, for both you and them, are the most important part of such a day. You chose wisely, my Dear.

    Lots of gentle hugs,

  4. My kids used to love that show. I'm glad you had a great time with the grand babies :)