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Friday, March 6, 2015


Sorry I haven't written this week.  My brain has been on overload.  I've been organizing my photos.  Ever tried to do that?  Soooo hard.

The kids gave me a lovely little photo album for my birthday.  You know I love pictures of my grandchildren.  I bought some photo paper to print out some of my favorites.  There lies the problem.  I have photos all over my computer, camera, facebook, etc.

My camera saves photos to my computer by date.  That is nice because you can use the date to tell how old they were at that stage or the date of a family vacation.  Facebook saves photos in their version of an online album.  I save lots of pictures the kids take with the iphones and load to facebook.

Once before I started trying to organize my photos after researching the many methods recommended on facebook.  None of their ideas really worked for me.   Maybe I just have too many pictures.  But never say die or, as we say in Texas, "no hill for a stepper."  I hear you northerners... what in the heck does that mean?
Translation:  “It ain’t no hill for a stepper like you,” is a popular idiom in the South meaning someone can finish the task at hand.

I just happened to see something on the internet about getting 50 free photos when you open an account with Shutterfly.com.  So I did that.  Now, I've finally finished uploading pictures to Shutterfly.  That took quite a while because I have so many.  Last night I finished separating them by family member, group photos, or special occasion.

My final step now is settling on only 50 favorites.  Hahaha.  Love those grandchildren.  Granddaughter #1 loves to look at photographs and, of course, doesn't recognize herself as a baby.  Granddaughter #2 at only 1-1/2 will not have know her siblings as youngsters so I think she will really enjoy the photos too.

Before I downsized, I always had lots of pictures on the wall and table tops.  Now I really have no room.  So I think going "old school" back to photo albums will be just the thing for sharing with the Granddaughters.

By the way, Shutterfly has some good offers when you buy large quantities of photos and storing them on Shutterfly is free.  I also love the photo albums they publish.  We have done this for several vacations, birthdays and father's day as my daughter keeps her photos on Shutterfly.

Well, that's the long and the short of it.  I've been so busy with this project that I just haven't been able to write.  Expect me back in full force next week and I'm sure there will be more than one favorite photo I will want to share.


  1. I should organize my photos too...I am a bit lazy about that....

    1. I have to tell you it has really taken a lot of time - maybe because I stopped to look at so many. My eyes got really tired too. Now that's its done, I'm glad I did it but be prepared to take a while.

  2. That's one thing I really need to do. I miss putting together photo albums and I know the kids love looking back at them and so do I :)

    1. Now that I got over the hard part of finding them and uploading them. I am really excited. I feel kind of like Christmas Eve!

  3. When my granddaughter was born, I was still having film developed and it was a labor of love to do the albums as soon as I had the prints in hand. i had a digital camera by the time my grandson was born. I better get busy on a project like this or he is going to always think I like Sissy more.