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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I'm still working on organizing my photos.  I thought I had finished uploading pictures to Shutterfly when my daughter reminded me of the pictures I had stored on her Shutterfly account.  We've combined our photos and made several of the Shutterfly photo albums.  I highly recommend these albums if you haven't made one.  They are perfect presents or keepsakes.   Apparently I uploaded 27 gazillion pictures.  This may be a very long project, but I'm determined.

In the mean time, here's Buddy wondering if I am ever going to finish and get out of this chair.

Another small project:  I've got pretty good finger nails.  They are fairly strong.  I have to keep them trimmed.  Typing has been difficult for some time now but they had gotten so long, I just got curious to see, I don't know what, just see.

Well I finally had enough and cut them this weekend.  Haven't gotten around to the polish yet.  I wear a kind of clear pinky color on my nails and something outrageous on my toes.  

Since I wear socks the majority of the time, no one ever sees my blue or purple toes.  But I do, and they make me smile.

Finally, we have another picture of Buddy patiently waiting for me, hanging half off the recliner, and definitely being smushed.


  1. Poor. long suffering pup. having to wait for his chair like that.
    Your trim downed nails are what I would call the very maximum of length for me.
    I would stab myself with the longer nails.

    1. I more often stab other people than myself. LOL.

  2. Buddy looks just like Katie! I sure wish my nails were strong like yours. Mine never were, and the dryness of the desert sure doesn't help. Just about when they start looking good, they all start breaking off, and I end up cutting them all down. :( Your nails look really nice either long or short. Lucky you! :)

    1. Katie and Buddy do look so much alike. I always think that looking at your pictures. Thanks for the compliment. Every once in a while you get lucky and inherit a gene that comes in handy. I got the genes for strong nails and thick hair. The list of what I didn't get is much, much longer.

  3. Barbara, your fingernail "bit" made me smile. I, too, got the genes for strong nails and thick hair. I kept my nails really long from age 13 to 23. Then I got married and learned that my husband hates long nails, so I've kept them short all these years. But that's hard to do because they grow like weeds and never break! But I know they've got to go when I start making typos all over the place! And yet I typed like the wind during my long nail years. Go figure.

  4. Oh my goodness! Buddy is so cute!! Bubba does the same thing. He usually gives up and just climbs in my lap lol

    Your toes are cute :)