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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Movie Alert - Shirley Valentine is on Netflix

For those of you who loved this movie and haven't seen it since its release in 1989, I just found it on my Netflix streaming.

I'm not necessarily recommending this movie to those who haven't seen it.  It is the coming of age story of a woman who has been married 20+ years, her children are out of the house and she feels like no one appreciates her or would miss her if she were gone.
It is sad in it's own way because many of us middle-aged married people might have felt this way a time or two.  You might have a different point of reference if you are in a good marriage and place in your life.

The scenery is beautiful, the acting is crazy (at times because she talks to you or the walls as she calls it), and the plot is middle age crazy times.  I may make it sound like a sad drama but it is one of those crazy English comedies.  That is why I'm letting you make your own choice.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and a Shirley Valentine cult follower - your day has come.


  1. Sounds interesting. I might just check it out :)

  2. One of the best movies EVER!!!!!

  3. Oh, that movie SPOKE to me at the time. Thanks for the heads up!