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Monday, March 9, 2015


I went to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today.  I loved it.  I think it is always hard to produce a sequel of a good movie.  I think they did a pretty good job.   Dench played a smaller role and Maggie Smith a bit larger.  There was a beautiful Indian wedding, plenty of Bollywood dancing and new escapades for the returning characters.  I won't say any more except I liked it and I got my $8 (senior discount) worth.  If you liked the first one you'll probably like this one too.  

What I really wanted to share is not a review of the movie but a review of the audience.  Not surprisingly, most of the attendees had white in their hair.  Most were came in pairs, but a few single woman attended alone - as I would have done had my daughter not wanted to go.   There were husband and wife teams, two women friend teams, and the younger and older woman (like me and my grown daughter) teams.  Of those, the two women couples were the chattiest with mid-level laughter and talk floating through the auditorium.  The young and old couples were a little less talkative.  The husband and wife teams were the quietest.  

I did spend time audience watching and this is not a case of the husband and wife team not talking.  They were.  Their heads were bobbing and they leaned into each other's zone.  It's funny because I always think of men as being the loud talkers.  Like the man in church who sings the loudest and sings off key.  

Makes me wonder if husband and wife couples are quieter because they have learned to communicate well during their years together.  To quietly pass messages to each other.  To share thoughts only with each other?  I find this very interesting.  Are you a quiet couple?  

The other thing I'd like to share is my complaint about this movie poster.  They airbrushed Judi Dench and Bill Nighy until they didn't even look like themselves. Even Maggie Smith doesn't have a wrinkle on her face in this poster.  I resent this.  Somebody in fancy, glammy Hollywood needs to get a grip.  


  1. i plan on seeing that movie, but I may watch the first one to refresh my memory before I go.

    1. I truly loved the first movie. Not only was it visually stimulating but the subject matter of boomers recreating their lives was very inspiring. I also loved the outfits Judi Dench wore.

  2. Interesting observations! I loved the 1st movie and have not seen this yet. Since there is white in my hair I try to support these types of movies. You know, the kid with dialog, nothing blows up or no one is killed by extreme violence. Not enough of them made.

  3. So true. Wish there were more.

  4. I can't wait to see this! I really enjoyed the first.....

  5. Why in the world would they want to airbrush Judy and Bill? You're right, Hollywood needs to get a grip! Loved the first one, can't wait to see this one. (To answer your question, my husband and I are a quiet couple.)

  6. Hollywood has needed to get a grip for years. I love old movies, not only because I think they were better written, but because there wasn't as much plastic surgery. Sure, they greased the lens a little, but these days everyone looks the same age. It's ridiculous.

    As far as the couple thing... we tend to whisper to each other.