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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Test results are in.

I got a call from the Nurse this morning.  All the tests were good except the blood sugar, which was no surprise.  However, even though my number was high, it was the same number as the A1C taken this summer.  That means it has not gotten worse (Glass Half Full) but the insulin is not bringing it down (Glass Half Empty).  She's sending me to an endocrinologist which is good since they are the blood disease specialists.

I'll confess that I went on a real sugar binge before I saw her.  I know it was stupid but I was stressed.  Diabetes is affected by stress and, for me, being stressed or overly tired, brings on the sugar cravings.

I don't think the endocrinologist will cause any stress since I now know my sugar is not getting worse, just not better.  The dog will get a lot of walking (good for sugar burning) before seeing the specialist and I'll try to eat well and see what he can do to help me.

And let's don't even talk about my knees.  She didn't ask and I didn't tell.....

One body part at a time.  Right?

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